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Product Overview

Waterproof, stabilize and maintain original strength of your fence with the next generation of VOC free and non-toxic Tricopolymer coating. Great for new or existing fences as well as patio covers, gazebos, trellises, fascia and more. The Coating is ‘plastic-like” and provides a “Barrier Action” sealing out moisture and contaminants.

Fence-Seal stabilizes the coated wood by allowing any excessive moisture to pass out of the wood gradually through the film- while preventing rapid rainwater soak in- thus keeping the board wood moisture content low. That means less twist, nail pop, spalling and cracking, major reduction in tip end bending and sagging. Fence-Seal dries clear and maintains the woods moisture content (MC) for years to come. The environmentally friendly way to protect your investment.

All wood will “grey” over time, if this is not desired, stain first with any water based stain color desired, and then seal. Benefits: Stain color wash-off also reduced 50% or more. Contains no soybean oils, camphor toxins, petroleum byproducts or mineral wax liquids. Safe for Children and Pets. Safe for Livestock, Poultry and Equine uses. Available in Charcoal Black, White, Dark Brown, Dark Red and Beige.

Available in One US Gallon, Five US Gallon bucket pails, Drums, Totes.

Some of the many benefits of using Fence-Seal:

  • Non-toxic
  • VOC free
  • Protects against rain and moisture uptake
  • Great on raw lumber-reduces splits, warping and twist
  • Film resists mold (ASTM D3273) and FDA compliant
  • Prevents treated chemical lumber from leaching
  • Use to coat posts and stakes as an environmentally friendly alternate to treated wood
  • Up to 1,000 sq. ft. per gal. of coverage when sprayed properly
  • Great coating to prevent salt damage to both metal and wood
  • Film resist sun heat and frigid temperatures
  • Seals old finishes, chipping paint-great as a primer before painting.
  • Protects and locks in bolts and nut hardware
  • Use to coat treated posts and stakes before installing below grade or in concrete
  • Enviro-spray safe for bridge framing wood applications
  • Prevents Saltwater damage to materials
  • Children and Pet Safe Product when dry
  • No leaching-high adhesion-container safe
  • No harsh smells during or after application
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Up to 500+ sq. ft. per gal. of coverage when sprayed properly
  • UL WERCS verified formula as well as Independent Labs tested
  • Film resists mold (ASTM D3273) and is USDA and FDA compliant
  • Tricopolymer-20+ year history of use in 1000’s of Residential and Commercial projects

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TricopolymerTM   Consumer uses have included –

Single Family homes, Multi-Family Apartments, Condos, Townhomes, Docks, Decks, Marinas, Yurts, Boats, Signs, Wall Cavities in New and Renovated Homes, Reptile Cages, Poultry Houses, Equine Stables, Barns, Zoos, Conservatories, Hotels, Hi-Rises, Log Homes, Siding, Shingles, Saunas, Pool Houses, Flood & Hurricane Damaged Buildings, Restaurants and Bars, Walk in Coolers, Roof Plywood, Waste Water Plants, Military Bases, Aircraft Hangers, Tanks, Ships, Stage and Movie sets, State Parks, National and International use - the list is extensive.