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Kennel-Seal aids in Animal Health by locking out moisture and contaminants from soaking into wood or concrete surfaces. The TriCoPolymer film protects against mildew, decay, pests, and weathering, then stabilizes the surface by allowing any excessive moisture to pass through the film over time, until it reaches the optimum performance level. All the while being VOC FREE and NON TOXIC. Kennel-Seal is the choice for Dog Houses, Kennels, Poultry houses, Pig-pens and Horse Stalls. Use to protect metal fencing, gates and pole structures. Great for metal roofing and tin siding. Highly resistant to scratch-off. The Non-Toxic formulation is harmless to children, pets, livestock and is FDA compliant. The TriCoPolymer forms a tough, high adhesive micro-film that is also mold, saltwater, and urine resistant. The finished coating dries clear and is safe on wiring, plumbing, pipes, and sewer connections, and withstands hose cleanups and common soaps.

Some of the many benefits of using Kennel-Seal:

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Aids in sanitation and overall animal health
  • Keeps wood looking new longer and protects against moisture uptake, sun, mildew, decay and pests
  • UV resistant
  • Seals concrete from intrusion of urine and feces
  • Works on all types of wood, plywood, metal and concrete
  • Stops oxidation on metals and hardware
  • Safe for concrete, metal and wood animal pens plus food bins/storage
  • Easy clean-up with soap and water

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