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Waterproof, stabilize and maintain original color with the next generation of VOC free and non-toxic eco coating. Lumber-Seal works indoors and outdoors and is a great multipurpose water proofer and sealer for new construction, fencing, wood sidings, shingle sidings, posts and more. Protects against rain, sun, mildew, decay and pests.


Some of the many benefits of using Lumber-Seal:

  • Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • Provides Water-Resistant Coating to Surfaces
  • May Be Painted Over
  • Prevents Primed and Painted Wood Dry-Out, Rot and Metal Rot
  • Reduces Leeching from Chemically-Treated Wood
  • Great on Green Lumber-Reduces Splits, Warping and Twist
  • Works on All Species of Softwoods and Hardwoods- Green or Dry
  • Easy Clean-Up with Soap and Water
  • Safe for Pet Pens, Birdhouses, Animal Shelters and Livestock Yards

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In October of 2015 we built a new home after losing our home to wild fire. We built as nontoxic as we could, using such products as zero VOC paints and rock wool insulation. The second floor, which is the main living area, has natural tongue and groove pine flooring. Finding a natural finish for it was not easy. We settled on your product, Lumber-Seal, even though it is only a wood sealer and not an actual finish. While the sealer protected the floor against stains, it was not easy to keep more.

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