Agricultural, Forest + Urban, Green By-Product Marketing + Recycling

Established: 1991
Headquarters: Chico, CA
Source Markets: Agriculture, Forestry and Green Urban Waste
Tons traded last year: Over 300,000

Agra Trading, LLC, dba Agra Marketing Group, brings together a remarkable group of professionals dedicated to developing by-product markets and providing production resources to growers throughout the western United States.

A major force in California agriculture, Agra Marketing Group has worked for over 20 years to create a large network of buyers and sellers of seasonal and year-round by-products.

On the trading side, our experts in marketing, transportation and finance will manage every step of the process of buying or selling by-products. Starting with just a handful of marketable products in 1991, our product list now exceeds over 100 by-products, some of which are marketed around the world.

On the crop production side, we have 50 years of agricultural experience at your service.  Agra Marketing Group brings the best soil amendments and organic fertilizer to northern California growers. We deliver the highest quality gypsum, lime, compost, and manure at the best prices possible. Our specialty organic fertilizers are manufactured with the utmost care and scrutiny by True Organic Products. We carry a superior biological product line - MycoApply mycorrhizal formulations by Mycorrhizal Applications for exceptional root development. Our ultimate goal is to improve crop yields and quality by building soil health because optimum soil health is the foundation of healthier plants and higher profit per acre. Simply put, we feed your soil so your soil can feed your crop because a healthy and fertile soil is a farmer's greatest asset.

Agra Marketing Group is dedicated to a healthy future for agriculture and the by-products industry. If you'd like to learn more about trading opportunities, please contact us.