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The Biology of SOIL COMPACTION by Hoorman, de Moraes Sá, and Reeder.  This article is from Crops and Soils magazine -- July-August 2011.

Soil compaction can reduce farm yields and profits.  While a number of factors contribute to compaction, such as farm machinery weight and traffic, rain, and tillage, it is fundamentally a biological problem caused by a lack of actively growing plants and active roots in the soil.  This month’s feature examines the biology of soil compaction and ways to reduce it.  Read the full article

A Plant Evolution Revolution: Mychorrizal Fungi Expand Contemporary Cropping Opportunities By Mike Amaranthus, PhD & Larry Simpson

Soil biology has emerged over the last decade as a critical part of the knowledge base for successful and sustainable agricultural production.  A key component of biology is... Read the full article

The Organic Alternative: A New Look at Profitability By David P. Brown

Gas prices continue to rise. Water is in short supply. Food rates are climbing. And so to the dismay of farmers everywhere, synthetic fertilizer prices are swelling. An alternative is needed... Read full article

Take Care of Your Worms!--from BioOrganics Newsletter By Don Chapman

A not fully appreciated factor in growing plants is the presence of earthworms. Along with microscopic soil organisms, worms perform very important digestive and processing of organic matter--transforming dead plant material into forms that nourish plants... Read full article

Recycled Gypsum Agra Marketing Group Internal Report

Recycled gypsum from building remodel or renovation may be classified as a hazardous waste material by the government, and should be avoided at the commercial level at all times until regulations are well defined... Read full report