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"The soil is a complex ecosystem with a highly diverse community of organisms that are vital to the cycle of life on earth." (The Nature and Properties of Soils by Brady and Weil)

Soil biology is probably the least understood aspect of soils and yet it may very well be the most important.  Soil organisms recycle organic matter in the soil releasing plant nutrients in inorganic forms available for plant uptake by root systems.  Beneficial soil organisms promote aeration, water filtration and retention, perform nutrient cycling for plant availability, balance chemistry and pH, build soil structure, and provide protection from harmful soil pathogens by competitive exclusion.  Read how you can start making the most of beneficial soil microbiology.

Agra Services carries the complete line of mycorrhizae products developed by Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.  Our featured mycorrhizal product is Liquid Endo.

We also carry two beneficial bacteria products:

Activate™ is a highly concentrated dry formulation of multiple bacteria species in different proportions suited for specific tasks.

Bio S.I.™ is a concentrated liquid formulation with highly diversified species of soil bacteria.

Beneficial Biology

Beneficial fungi control overpopulation of harmful nematodes.  In this photo, fungal hyphae have grown circular body parts to trap and kill nematodes.  When a nematode touches the inside of the circular fungal appendage, it swells with fluid to trap the nematode.  Then the fungus grows into the nematode to consume it.