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MycoApply® Liquid Endo is a concentrated liquid of 4 top performing endomycorrhizal fungi in distilled water used as a soil drench or seed/root inoculant. MycoApply® Liquid Endo contains mycorrhyzal fungi that colonize plant roots and extend the root system into the surrounding soil greatly enhancing the absorptive surface area of the root systems, forming an essential link between the plant and the soil.

Rice growers who treat their seed with MycoApply® Liquid Endo are seeing strong stand establishment and organic rice growers are benefitting from enhanced drought tolerance for their rice during the dry-down phase of weed suppression.

Orchardists are inoculating roots with MycoApply® Liquid Endo at planting time to give their trees the most cost effective edge right from the start.

Benefits of using MycoApply® Liquid Endo Product Sheet, OMRI cert

  • Reduces drought stress
  • Reduces water and fertilizer needs
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Increases flowering and fruiting
  • Increases water and nutrient uptake and storage
  • Increases root growth
  • Promotes extensive, efficient root system
  • Promotes soil structure
  • Promotes plant establishment

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