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Mycorrhizae (from Greek for "fungus-root") form a symbiotic relationship with host plants.  The mycorrhizae which are unable to manufacture their own food receive sugars from the host in exchange for nutrients and water that they deliver to the plant.  Mycorrhizae are a especially adept at foraging for phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc and many other nutrients.  Mycorrhizae also play a role in protecting the host plant from harmful root diseases.  When water is plentiful mycorrhizae store water for release later when the host plant is stressed for water.  The fine hairs (hyphae) that make up the body of the mycorrhiza are able to get water and nutrients from the tiniest soil crevasses and deliver these to the plant.  Read more about this biological revolution.

Agra Services carries the complete line of MycoApply® products manufactured by Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. Our featured product is Liquid Endo. Several dry formulations are available as well.


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See how you can make the most efficient use of scarce water resources and costly fertilizer inputs. Watch our video on mycorrhizal fungi below, or click here to watch the full 18 minute video.

Liquid Endo Testimonial

For 20 years Dan Pingel has grown tomatoes for fresh market customers and local farmers markets.  Dan treated all his 2011 transplants with Liquid Endo.  "My plants were larger and more robust and produced higher quality tomatoes than ever before. Damage from blossom end rot was almost non-existent.  I had dozens of repeat buyers saying that these were the best tomatoes they had ever eaten.  I am treating all my tomatoes-and my watermelons too-with Liquid Endo again this year." -- Dan Pingel, Marysville, CA