Agricultural, Forest + Urban, Green By-Product Marketing + Recycling

In order to help prospective grower/processor clients understand our trading services, we have provided a list of steps that we follow as we guide them through the by-product trading process. We can adapt the process to meet each grower's/processor's unique situation and required deadlines.

In a nutshell (no pun intended), we provide a complete turnkey operation from start to finish, year after year:

  1. First meeting: overview of Agra Marketing Group services, including a discussion of grower's/processor's previous by-product revenues and opportunities for growth
  2. Evaluate by-products for quality and market potential
  3. Send by-products for testing, if necessary [Feed (fat, fiber, protein) and BTU analyses]
  4. Review testing results
  5. Make recommendations, if necessary, on improving quality
  6. Discuss potential markets and client deadlines
  7. Outline logistics per client's requirements and for client's convenience
  8. Coordinate pricing, freight weights, transportation, billing/paying
  9. Provide a thorough transaction report upon completion
  10. Evaluate transaction with suggestions for improvements, new ideas and plans for the following year

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