Agricultural, Forest + Urban, Green By-Product Marketing + Recycling

Q: What type of services does Agra Marketing Group mainly provide?
A: We are a marketing agent and can therefore work with both buyers and sellers of agricultural, forestry and green urban waste by-products, transportation, soil health, by-product solar drying and storage.

Q: What are the steps a grower/processor goes through during the marketing process with Agra Marketing Group?
A: Read an outline of our marketing process.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: 26 years

Q: What are some of the by-products you trade?
A: Almonds, walnuts, seed, fruits, grain, vegetables, green urban waste, wood and fiber products.

Q: Are there any other services under the Agra Marketing Group Name?
A: Yes. We, as well as our sister company Agra Services, offer crop production services such as soil analysis, leaf analysis, orchard removal, chipping, green waste screening and spreading. We also offer transportation, organic fertilizer, and soil amendments such as compost, gypsum, lime and earthworm castings.

Q: Do you trade other by-products (plastics, metal, paper, etc.)?
A: No. Green by-products only.

Q: Do you service other state besides California?
A: Yes. Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho.

Q: Are you able to service further out?
A: Yes. If the quantities bought and sold are sufficient.

Q: Do you trade by-products of construction & demolition (CD)?
A: Yes, some wood by-product. But only wood from relatively new construction.

Q: What's the scale of the amount of product you move?
A: Hundreds of thousands of tons of by-product per year.

Q: How would a truck driver who would like to haul loads go about doing business with Agra Marketing Group?
A: We ask the driver to:

Contact Agra Marketing Group

Provide a certificate of insurance

Provide a driver's license (appropriate class)

Have a live floor/possum belly truck(s)

Call 1-855-894-1782 for more information