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Manure is available in truck load quantities only.  Call 1-855-894-1782 for a quote or email us.

Agra Services, Inc. provides a variety of manure products to north state growers.

Chicken Manure

  • Moisture and consistency varies (35% moisture average)
  • Nitrogen content varies (2.5% average)
  • Availability is based on poultry house clean-out schedules
  • Cage density and chain of custody documentation is available for organic growers
  • Best if grower has an on-farm storage site with year-round access
  • Order early / Take possession early

Turkey Manure

  • Comparable to chicken manure

Dairy Manure

  • Nitrogen content is lower than poultry manure (1.5%)
  • Less expensive than poultry
  • More available than poultry
  • Good substitute for poultry