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Agra Services proudly carries all of the organic fertilizer products manufactured by True Organic Products, Inc.

True Organic Products, Inc.:

  • A large California based organic fertilizer manufacturer
  • Produces a full array of liquid and dry pelletized fertilizer
  • Responds quickly to delivery requests
  • Maintains the highest safety standards
  • Every lot is tested for pathogens and nutrient analysis
  • All products are approved by OMRI or WSDA or both


  • Guaranteed analysis
  • High quality pellets
  • Consistently even spreading
  • High quality, stable liquids
  • Micro screened
  • Easy to inject or spray
  • Stimulate root growth
  • Increase plant vitality
  • Decrease overall cost
  • Feed the soil improving root zone microbiology
  • Increase yields!

Using organic fertilizers can help to reduce costs and increase soil and plant health from water retention to nutrient absorption.

Liquid Fertilizer

Dry Fertilizer Pellets

Other blends are available.  Call to learn more.

True Organic liquid fertilizers are available in 250 gallon totes or bulk truck load quantities.  True dry fertilizers are available in 1-ton tote bags or bulk truck loads. Call 1-855-894-1782 for a quote or email us.