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Worm castings are available in truckload quantities only. Call 1-855-894-1782 for a quote or email us.

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Worm castings are the excrement of earthworms which have been fed organic matter and in turn produce this valuable soil amendment, which doubles as both a soil conditioner and a food source for native soil microbiology. Castings can contain more humus than is typically found in topsoil. 


Worm castings have excellent water-holding capacity. Worm castings contain organic matter (decomposed plant material), as well as worm cocoons (while damp).  As an important food source for soil microbiology, worm castings promote increased populations of beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms to improve soil structure.  Improving soil structure enhances the soil’s ability to retain moisture and to shed excess water.  Soils with good structure promote strong root systems that give plants expanded access to nutrients made by the naturally occurring soil nutrient cycling.  Thus worm castings promote vigorous plant growth. 


Worm castings can be used on all agricultural crops.  Castings can be broadcast over a field, precision dropped along tree or vine rows, placed into planting holes, blended with compost or mulch, and used to make compost teas and extracts. 

Earthworm Castings can help to:

  • Improve water holding capacity
  • Increase root mass, plant height, leaf area, flowering and fruit production.
  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Attract additional earthworms for further nutrient cycling
  • Improve root growth and structure
  • Increase plant growth rates and overall yields




Worm castings are available in truckload quantities only. Call 855-894-1782 for a quote or email us