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Agricultural lime is a soil amendment made from pulverized limestone. The primary active component is calcium carbonate. Lime improves soil quality in a variety of ways:

  • Increases the pH of acidic soils
  • Provides a source of calcium for plants
  • Improves uptake of essential plant nutrients
  • Improves water penetration for acidic soils

The table below shows the 16 essential soil nutrient elements.

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Both of our lime products are registered with the CDFA as Organic Input Materials(OIM) for use in certified organic production:

  • Blue Mountain Ag Lime (CaCO3)                                                                              Label & Spec sheet     CDFA     MSDS
  • Blue Mountain Dolomite Lime                                                                                  Label & Spec sheet     CDFA     MSDS   ~ The higher percentage of Magnesium in Dolomitic lime makes it an ideal additive for soil with low calcium and magnesium levels.

Most effective when incorporated into the soil, Blue Mountain Ag and Dolomite limes are available in various formulations:

  • Ag Grade
  • Standard Prilled, pelletized
  • Mini Prilled, pelletized

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