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Leaf analysis (also called stem leaf analysis, tissue analysis or foliar analysis) is the most precise method of monitoring plant nutrient levels.

While soil analysis reveals the levels of essential soil nutrients, leaf analysis shows the grower exactly what the plant has successfully absorbed. Leaf analysis can be helpful in detecting nutrient deficiencies before they affect plant health and yield.

For an accurate picture of the overall health and growth potential of the orchard or field, or if nutritional problems are suspected, it's a good idea to complete both leaf and soil testing.

Once the results of a leaf and/or soil analysis are returned, we will recommend a strategy to return the plant and soil to optimum health.

This may include one or more of the following products:

In addition, we can consult on the health of your orchard or field and also offer:

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In addition to Leaf Analysis, we also offer Soil Analysis, Blending, Orchard Removal, Chipping, Green Waste Screening, Spreading and Transportation services.