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A Soil Analysis provides the most accurate picture of how the health of your soil affects your crop yields.

High yields of the best quality crops require an adequate supply of 16 essential soil nutrient elements. In addition to providing a place for crops to grow, soil is the source for most of the essential nutrients required by the crop.

Soil Analysis Objectives

  • Provide an index of nutrient availability or supply in a given soil. The soil extract is designed to evaluate a portion of the nutrients from the same "pool" used by the plant
  • Provide a baseline for fertilizer and soil amendment recommendations for a given crop
  • Evaluate the fertility status of the soil and plan a nutrient management program

Soil should be regularly evaluated and restored according to nutrient needs. As nutrients are removed by one crop and not replaced for subsequent crop production, yields will decrease accordingly. Accurate accounting of nutrient removal and replacement, crop production statistics and soil analysis results will help the grower better manage fertilizer and soil amendment applications.

The results of a soil analysis provide the grower with an estimate of the amount of fertilizer nutrients needed to supplement those in the soil. Applying the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer will give the grower a better chance to achieve the desired crop yield.

The Soil Analysis Report

The soil analysis report contains two parts:

1. Characterization and Fertility Status of the Soil: Soil characterization (pH, texture, percent exchangeable sodium, percent organic matter, and salinity expressed as electrical conductivity) is explained in the report. The fertility status is reported as nutrients available to the plant.

2. Fertility Recommendations: Fertility recommendations suggest the optimum amounts of fertilizer to apply based on the crop requirements, management practices affecting the crop, present fertility level of the soil and the yield goal desired by the producer. Special notification is given if the tests indicate that a salt or sodium hazard exists, or if the information provided shows any other notable problems.

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