Agricultural, Forest + Urban, Green By-Product Marketing + Recycling

Agra Marketing Group

20150 N Tracy Blvd

Tracy, CA. 95304

Local Phone Number: (209)481-7860

Hours of Operation: Weekdays from 7:00am-4:30pm

Landscape Materials for Commercial and Retail Customers

  • Compost
  • Yard Bark
  • Soil Blends
  • Topsoil

In 2010 Agra Marketing Group developed a 40-acre agricultural by-product storage and solar drying facility and landscape materials yard in Tracy, California.  It is a full service facility that specializes in solar drying a wide range of agricultural by-products, as well as retail topsoils, compost, yard bark, and other landscape supplies.  We have approximately 20 Acres of level asphalt and all the necessary equipment to spread material out, aerate it as required and pick it back up into a stock pile for loading out. Some of the by-products are but are not limited to:

We also offer onsite storage, screening and blending of various Bio-Fuels. We can provide a consistent blend of fuel to suit your needs.  We currently have over 50,000 tons of fuel products stored for green energy use.  We have certified truck scales on site for shipping and receiving.  We can also assist in any transportation logistics that you may require.  Some of the bio-fuels we currently have in storage are: