Agricultural, Forest + Urban, Green By-Product Marketing + Recycling

Growers, Processors and Buyers

By connecting our growers/processors and buyers with the best transportation options, we are able to expedite orders through a seamless chain of by-product delivery.

Call us to discuss your transportation needs at 1-855-894-1782 or Email us.

Logistic Coordinators 

Logistic coordinators interested in transporting goods for Agra Marketing Group must fill out the Trucking Company Information Packet

Please fill in all pertinent information and provide current vehicle and liability certificates listing Agra Marketing Group, LLC as the lean holder and with full endorsement. If we already have current insurance information we will notify you. If you are not incorporated please supply us with a current W-9 form.

Mail or fax completed forms and insurance certificates to our office as soon as possible. Please notify us if any of this information changes so we can update our records. We appreciate your assistance with this matter and look forward to future business opportunities with you.