Custom Soil Blends

Are you looking to have your own custom blend produced? We can help! We accept custom blend orders as small as six yards. For a quote, please fill out the form below or give one of our Sales Reps a call at: (855) 894-1782

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Bulk Truckloads, 2 Yard Totes, 1 Yard "Ready Grow" Totes, Retail Bags.

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House Blends

Foothills Farmer:

Indoor/Outdoor Blend

Coco fiber, peat moss, aged forest products, pumice, perlite, worm castings, bat guano, seabird guanos, biochar, alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, fish meal, feather meal, blood meal, sulfate of potash, kelp meal, glacial rock dust, basalt dust, crab meal, rock phosphate, volcanic rock dust, fossilized kelp, and oyster shell (pH adjuster).

Lights Out:

Indoor Blend

Coco coir, peat moss, pumice, perlite, biochar, MegaMend (volcanic rock dust), feather meal, bat guano, fish meal, seabird guanos, oyster shell, alfalfa meal, volcanic ash, blood meal, crab meal, rock phosphate, fish bone meal, glacial rock dust, sulfate of potash, langbeinite, kelp meal, glacial rock, soybean meal, and worm castings.

Tracy Triangle:

Ideal for Transplants or Propagation

Coco coir, plug perlite, peat moss, MegaMend (volcanic rock dust), biochar, and mycorrhiza.