Over 10,000 Truckloads Marketed Annually

That's right, last year, we marketed over 250,000 tons of forest, ag, and urban by-products. Our line now includes over 100 commodities, including by-products from almonds, walnuts, vine seed, fruits, grain, and wood.

Because we are an agent , not a broker, we have access to all channels, allowing us to source and sell by-products more efficiently and expediently for our clients with greater returns.

We enjoy long-term relationships with an extensive network of buyers and sellers, and have earned an excellent reputation for our services. Our clients benefit from over 50 years of agricultural experience and nearly 30 years of marketing experience.

We are an innovative, hard-working, and ethical company with the ability to expedite orders and get the job done. Our sales and staff have grown substantially over the years. Our success is a direct result of our integrity , business practices and reliable operations.

When you do
business with us:

  • We manage every step in the marketing process
  • We actively source, market & sell by-products seasonally and year-round
  • We negotiate all contracts and payments, including logistics
  • We pre-sell and develop new markets
  • We negotiate the best pricing for suppliers

Why work with us?

We are the most experienced agent in the by-product marketing industry.

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in marketing
  • Over 50 years agricultural experience
  • Excellent service and reputation
  • Largest network of buyers and sellers
  • Quick turnaround time
  • We negotiate very competitive freight rates

A Comprehensive Operation

To help prospective grower/processor clients understand our marketing services, we have provided a list of steps that we follow as we guide them through the by-product marketing process. We can adapt the process to meet each grower's/processor's unique situation.

In a nutshell (no pun intended), we offer by-product marketing services for every step of the process, year after year:

1. First meeting: Overview of Agra Marketing Group services, including a discussion of grower's/processor's previous by-product revenues, so we can look for potential opportunities for growth.

2. Evaluate by-products for quality and market potential

3. Send by-products for complete lab analysis

4. Review lab test results and make recommendations to improve customer revenues

5. Determine product value and discuss potential markets and client deadlines

6. Outline logistics per client's requirements and whenever possible for client's convenience

7. Generate purchase and sales contracts

8. Provide ongoing and thorough transaction reports

9. Continually review our process for improvement

Questions and Order Information

Are you a grower, processor or buyer?

Please contact us to discuss your business opportunities with Agra Marketing Group.