Agra Peet

Abounding in BENEFITS:

  • Renewable/Sustainable
  • Retains Water
  • Provides Plant Nutrients
  • Provides Soil Aeration
  • Provides Beneficial
  • Micro-organisms
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Pathogen Free
  • Multiple Uses
  • Promotes Dairy Industry Sustainability
  • Economical

Made in the USA

Agra Peet is a sustainable and renewable substitute for sphagnum peat moss and coco coir and can be used as a standalone planting soil or in potting soil blends or as an agricultural soil amendment. The finished Agra Peet is an odorless, fluffy product similar in appearance and texture to peat moss. Agra Peet adds structure and water holding capacity to potting soils and other soil amendments.

Gypsum is water soluble at the rate of 0.205 grams in 100 grams of water. It can be used on any irrigated cropland and is available in various formulations:

Ag Grade Spec Sheet MSDS
Standard Prilled, pelletized Spec Sheet MSDS
Mini Prilled, pelletized Spec Sheet MSDS


Gypsum is hydrated calcium sulfate (CaSO4•2H2O), a naturally occurring chemical compound and valuable soil amendment.

All of our gypsum products are OMRI-Listed for use in organic agriculture:

  • Cal-CM Plus, Ag Grade Gypsum
  • Cal-CM Plus, Solution grade gypsum


  • Supplies essential calcium and sulfur for plant cellular strength and uptake
  • Improves soil structure and aeration
  • Decreases soil compaction
  • Amends, conditions and reclaims soils high in sodium and magnesium
  • Enhances microbial activity

SKM (Sulfur, Potassium, Micro source) is a 100% natural, mined product , that is OMRI approved, perfect for rapid soil acidification, potassium supply, and as a micro-nutrient source. With all these fantastic benefits it brings to your soil what is so often lacking along with unlocking what is already there.

SKM comes in a variety of forms to meet farmer’s needs, including ag grade, ultra fine, and prilled. How ever you farm, SKM can fit seamlessly into your system.

Both of our lime products are registered with the CDFA as Organic Input Materials(OIM) for use in certified organic production:

Blue Mountain Ag Lime (CaCO3) Label & Spec sheet CDFA MSDS
Blue Mountain Dolomite Lime * Label & Spec sheet CDFA MSDS
* The higher percentage of Magnesium in Dolomitic lime makes it an ideal additive for soil with low calcium and magnesium levels.


Agricultural lime is a soil amendment made from pulverized limestone. The primary active component is calcium carbonate. Lime improves soil quality in a variety of ways:

  • Increases the pH of acidic soils
  • Provides a source of calcium for plants
  • Improves uptake of essential plant nutrients
  • Improves water penetration for acidic soils

Most effective when incorporated into the soil, Blue Mountain Ag and Dolomite limes are available in various formulations:

  • Ag Grade
  • Standard Prilled, pelletized
  • Mini Prilled, pelletized


MEGAMEND provides the soil with trace minerals many of which are not available from traditional fertilizers.  Conventional fertilizer programs focus primarily on the macro-nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K).  MEGAMEND is a source of many trace elements needed for optimum plant growth and vigor. MEGAMEND replenishes the soil profile with secondary and trace minerals that help broaden the spectrum of soil organic activity. Well-balanced soils with the correct amounts of essential plant nutrients complemented by plenty of available trace elements promote diverse soil biology, utilize nutrients more efficiently, require less water, and support good overall plant health and vigor.  MEGAMEND provides the well-known micro-nutrient iron (Fe) and the lesser known micro-nutrient silicon (Si).  MEGAMEND is also a source of titanium (Ti) which research continues to show is a beneficial plant nutrient.  In addition to the mineral complex found in MEGAMEND, its porous nature makes it a little storehouse for water.  That moisture is a perfect environment for beneficial soil bacteria that break down the minerals in MEGAMEND and make mineral rich water available for plant uptake.

Used as part of a complete plant food nutrient program MEGAMEND is the perfect natural mineral complex for sustainable, organic growing.  MEGAMEND is a 100% naturally derived source of volcanic minerals listed by OMRI and CDFA for use in organic production and farming.


Earthworm Castings can help to:

  • Improve water holding capacity
  • Increase root mass, plant height, leaf area, flowering and fruit production.
  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Attract additional earthworms for further nutrient cycling
  • Improve root growth and structure
  • Increase plant growth rates and overall yields

Worm castings are available in truckload quantities only.
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Worm Castings

Worm castings are the excrement of earthworms which have been fed organic matter and in turn produce this valuable soil amendment, which doubles as both a soil conditioner and a food source for native soil microbiology. Castings can contain more humus than is typically found in topsoil.

  • Properties:

    Worm castings have excellent water-holding capacity. Worm castings contain organic matter (decomposed plant material), as well as worm cocoons (while damp).  As an important food source for soil microbiology, worm castings promote increased populations of beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms to improve soil structure.  Improving soil structure enhances the soil’s ability to retain moisture and to shed excess water.  Soils with good structure promote strong root systems that give plants expanded access to nutrients made by the naturally occurring soil nutrient cycling.  Thus worm castings promote vigorous plant growth. 

  • Usage:

    Worm castings can be used on all agricultural crops.  Castings can be broadcast over a field, precision dropped along tree or vine rows, placed into planting holes, blended with compost or mulch, and used to make compost teas and extracts. 


We offer full truckload quantities of various composts for improving your soil organic matter and water holding capacity.

We offer Green Waste, Dairy, Grape, and Mushroom composts. Please email or call us to request our most recent labs for our selection of composts.

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